Revised 2020 Calendar (updated 9 August)

Season 2020 is set to resume (or 'Commence'...) with the lifting of the Championship Suspension (previously announced 12 April due to COVID-19).

With new guidelines in place for sporting events to handle COVID-19, race meetings will resume in August.

Qld Formula Ford originally scheduled 7 events, but a complete overhaul of available events has lead to a condensed Aug-Dec racing season.

The rescheduled calendar includes 5 events, with 4 counting for the FFA Qld Club Championship. All 3 Queensland circuits are included, with the introduction of one-day events for the first time at QR and Lakeside.

Only Round 3 is still TBC - awaiting confirmation the National FF1600 Championship is able to host the event (currently unconfirmed due to border restrictions). Should Round 3 not proceed, it is unlikely to be replaced.

Entries are welcome from all classes of Formula Ford, with both the CAMS State Championship and FFA Qld Club Championship pointscores being held for Kent-powered cars only (Modern FF1600 and Historic combined).

Competitors interested in racing at any Qld events should register with Tim Hamilton so they can be added to the Qld email list for event updates.

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Rnd Dates Circuit Licensing Body Promoter Number of Races
1 August 29-30 Morgan Park CAMS State Championship QRDA 4 x 8 laps
2 September 27 Queensland Raceway Racers One day event 3 x 8 laps
October 24-25 Queensland Raceway Racers [TBC] FF National Round 3 x 12 laps
4 November 21-22 Morgan Park CAMS State Championship CORD 3 x 10 laps
*NC December 5 Lakeside Park Racers Shared grid with Sportscars 4 x 6 laps

*NC: Non Championship event. Does not count for any pointscores.