Entry info - Round 6, Morgan Park, November 1-3

One-weekend, winner-takes-all fight for the CAMS State Championship!

We've missed point score status at the other CAMS rounds this year... so this one will be it! Anyone could win it!

Historic Group F cars are joining for their pointscore series - and they are counted in the outright results too - so we should easily make CAMS State Championship status.

Congratulations to Grey Fahey - having already wrapped-up the club title (Formula Ford Association Qld Championship).

Racing will be on full extended Circuit K (3.0km). Standing starts. Expect 3 or 4 races of 8+ laps, 1 on Saturday.

All classes of Formula Ford are welcome to compete, so get that shed-bound Kent, Historic or Duratec out!

We will be sharing with Formula Vee. All Formula Ford's (including Historics) gridded first, followed by Vee’s a few rows back. One bonus is we get extra laps as the slower Vee’s have to do a minimum of 8 for their CAMS championship status ;)

Entries are now open:
Email me for paper forms. Entries close 29 October.

The preferred entry method is via CAMS Online Event Entry system. You will need to register an account. Event is titled "2019 Queensland Circuit Racing State Championship - Round 4”.

All the costs shown below can be pre-paid via the CAMS online Event Entry System (select what you require then submit Entry & Payment)

Event Entry = $390
Carport (optional) = $100
Friday Private Practice (optional) = $100

Event enquiries: Annette Truscott (Ph: 0407 494 867 ), MGCC Event Secretary

$100. Booked direct with promoter MGCC - Gary Goulding

Pre-payment is required with entry. First in, first served. Book early to ensure you get one, and mention its a Formula Ford to be grouped with everyone else!

Friday practice:
Usually 8.30am - 4.30pm, with six 10 minute sessions through the day.

$100 Pre-Payment for Private Practice is preferred, but if unsure of attendance, just pay on the day.

Licence requirements:
Minimum of a CAMS Provisional Clubman Circuit licence (PCC) required. The event is licenced by CAMS, so AASA / Racers licences are not valid.

Also you must be a member of a CAMS affiliated car club… good reason to join the Formula Ford Association!

Timing - MyLaps transponder required:
A MyLaps X2 transponder is required and will be supplied at no charge (if you do not own one). A $100 cash deposit will be required for the transponder; this will be refunded upon return of the transponder at the end of the meeting.

Radios for Race Management Channel (RMC) monitoring NOT REQUIRED:
Morgan Park does NOT operate a RMC or require drivers to have a radio fitted.

Control Fuel:
We will not have a control fuel supplier at this event... So bring your own. In town there is Caltex, BP and Shell supplying 98 octane.

Our category tyre supplier will be at the event to supply and fit tyres, however please order beforehand - otherwise they only carry two sets.
Contact - Shaun Gill 0418 725 955 / Tyres and More Strathpine - 4-6 Dixon St, Strathpine

Pointscores for weekend:
CAMS State Championship pointscore (events at Morgan Park only) - Minimum 6 entries are required for points status - Historic Group F vehicles are included in this tally.

Formula Ford Association Qld Championship (all circuits) - Points are awarded to all entrants, no minimum number.